strange text problem

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Tue Nov 1 13:07:19 EDT 2011

In addition to explicitly setting the textColor, you might try explicitly setting the textHeight.  You might also test with Courier to see if a different font set behaves similarly.

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Have you tried explicitly setting the textColor of all text in the field to
your default before setting the textColor of the next string?  Perhaps
resetting the text to the default (or empty) in between updates will get
around the problem.


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Recently, Chris Sheffield wrote:

> Wondering if anyone has a fix for this one.
> I'm working on an iOS app for iPad. I've got a block of text (a story) in a
> text field. I'm changing the color of sentences in time with audio that is
> playing. As the color changes, the text is shifting, almost as if the size of
> the text is changing slightly. All I'm doing is setting the textColor of a
> chunk of text. Something like:
> set the textColor of word 1 to 8 of fld "text" to blue
> I am not applying a font size or style or anything like that. The problem does
> not occur in the LiveCode IDE as far as I can tell. Only in the iOS simulator
> and on the device.
> Has anyone done anything similar? Can the problem be fixed? I don't know if
> it's just a matter of finding the right dimensions for my field and/or a
> combination of text size and text height? Right now the field is 600 pixels in
> width. The font is Arial, size 20, and the text height is set to 28.
> Any suggestions would be welcome.
> Thanks,
> Chris
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> Chris Sheffield
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