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Klaus on-rev klaus at major.on-rev.com
Mon May 30 13:32:50 EDT 2011

Buonasera Marion,

Am 30.05.2011 um 19:16 schrieb baccheschi at tin.it:

> ...
> could you please define 
> "tList"?
>> mario
> Best
> Klaus

> http://lists.runrev.com/mailman/listinfo/use-livecode
> many thanks for 
> you quick reply , Klaus
> i found :
> "group [objectList]
> Here's an 
> inefficient but quick way to group a list" in the DIctionary, but
> I do 
> not get the results you want

sorry, still not understand what you want to do!?
What IS in tList?

Do you want to groupt some controls and tList contains a list
of these objects?

If yes, then we need to know the content of tList.
If not we need more info :-)

> mario



Klaus Major
klaus at major.on-rev.com

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