Unicode and revBrowser: "selected" property and callback messages

Slava Paperno slava at lexiconbridge.com
Sun May 29 10:30:29 EDT 2011

Cool! Your wordRet works great--for English. And there are more things there
that I can learn from.

Thanks, Mike--I think I'm on my way. Will post a complete solution for the
list archives. Workarounds are our bread-and-butter...



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> Yeah, can get around it easy by using a url-less link. Just #theword
> instead
> of http://fullurl.com/mypage.html#theword
> I really have zero idea what to do about the unicode stuff, but if you
> can
> figure out how to make it work when grabbing the text with
> revbrowserget(sbrowserId,"selecterd") then I have a super easy way to
> get
> the word. Again, no CLUE how to make it work with the unicode, but I
> have a
> quicky test stack here
> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11957935/wordRet.livecode
> In this case, i'm not passing the word as part of a url, just using a
> fake
> navigate to kick livecode into action.
> The button toggles the browser on and off, double clicking a word does
> a
> navigate, and then revbrowserget is used to get the selected text (side
> affect of the double click)
> There is a hidden field with my very simple text and javascript. With
> non-unicode it works great, doubt unicode will, so you're still up
> against
> your main problem, but hopefully, progress will be made. I think your
> idea
> of doing a conversion on one end, then converting back is great, so
> that
> would require passing the info, not cheating and using the selected
> text
> like in my example.
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