Question about "Send in" command for animation?

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Thu May 26 22:10:13 EDT 2011

On 5/26/11 5:52 PM, John Patten wrote:

> Now for my next question, I am just getting around to using the send
> command for animations as recommended earlier on the list. I used
> Scott's demo projects. Obviously depending on the hardware that the
> stack is running on, there delays when more than one object is being
> animated on the screen. Are there any "good" practices for animating
> objects with send that can facilitate moving multiple items on the
> screen smoothly?
> I have an example of what I'm describing here:

I'm having trouble with revlets right now so I can't see what's on your 
page, but in general, you might want to look at the "move" command 
instead of "send". There is a lockMoves property you can set if you want 
to move multiple objects at once, then you issue move commands, then 
unlock moves. All the objects will move at the same time.

I could be off base though, since I can't see the revlet.

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