Syntax to increment variable names in repeat loop

Jim Ault jimaultwins at
Tue May 24 07:31:56 EDT 2011

On May 24, 2011, at 2:12 AM, Keith Clarke wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I have a repeat loop with tCycle = 1 to 10 and for each repeat, I  
> need to put something into a new variable, specific to the  
> particular cycle - tResultCycle1, tResultCycle2...  tResultCycle10.
> How does one script the creation of a unique variable for each loop,  
> as LiveCode doesn't seem to like the attempted simple variable name  
> concatenation in...
>      put "something" into tResult & tCycle
> I'm guessing I need to define the variable's name before using it,  
> but 'variableNames' doesn't seem to fit the bill and as the  
> dictionary doesn't even have an entry for 'variable' (so they're  
> obviously not important!), I'm struggling to find any seed terms to  
> search the list archives.
> Then again, maybe I'm missing something fundamental here - my  
> default state with LiveCode, it seems! :-)

The   'do'  command is the common way to do this

repeat with k = 1 to 10
     -- build thisVar for this loop
    do  "put thisVar into newVar" & k
end repeat

You can also use
line k of fld storageFld
line k of aggregateVar
set the k of this card to thisVar
as you have done, use a multi dimensional array

Minor advantage to custom props is they can be stored in the stack  
file.  This is good for bulding things like a list of path names and  
ftp site URLs that need to be kept with the stack and are not part of  
user data or preferences.

Hope this helps

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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