experience Generating e-mail

Ronald Zellner zellner at tamu.edu
Sun May 22 12:39:00 EDT 2011

While my anecdote referred to an early unsolicited survey, my applications are directed at participants in specific projects and use approved e-mail lists; I don't send out to any general lists gleaned from the Internet, etc.   
While my requests do not involve commercial or marketing activities, I agree that the  CAN-SPAM Act (summarized here http://www.ftc.gov/os/2005/01/050112canspamfrn.pdf) provides useful guidelines to acceptable practice.

Activities like this do involve "bulk emailings" but LC lets me customize directions, requests, or reminders for participation; this helps minimize any misunderstanding or concerns.  Where appropriate, an unsubscribe or opt-out feature is added to provide a convenient way to prevent any inappropriate future requests.  LC responds to that input in future activities;  I also have LC create additional records of what was sent and when.

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 Oh darn, I lost the link.    I'll let you know if they contact me again.


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