Livecode Crashes with Image Source Set to a URL

Ray Horsley ray at
Fri May 20 10:15:27 EDT 2011


Thanks for your input but I've tried all combinations of locking messages
and leaving them unlocked along with various different positionings of



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On 5/19/11 5:50 PM, Ray Horsley wrote:
> Hugh,
> Thanks for your ideas but this unfortunately doesn't work.  I meant to 
> mention that I've tried various locations of the flushEvents function, 
> both in the mouseUp and mouseDown handlers as well as with and without 
> unlocking messages.  They all lead to the same crash.

My guess would be that you're locking messages, and libURL needs messages in
order to get the URL from your server. Try not locking messages, then use
flushevents if you need to.

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