Livecode for Digital Signage

Jim Schaubeck jimschaubeck at
Wed May 18 11:35:01 EDT 2011

Thank you Bernd,
I tried the project you sent me.  The 'move' command is used which is what I
seem to have the best luck with.  The same 'jerkiness' appears in that
project as well.  When I set the syncRate to 0, I had the best smooth flow
but still had a jerk every second.

Thank you for your suggestions!!!  Overall, I must say that Digital Signage
would be a great product for livecode developers to market to their existing

jim schaubeck

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Hi Jim,

you might have a look at Jim Hamlyn's autoCue in RevOnline.

In my experience setting the syncrate below about 8 does not improve
movement anymore though this depends on hardware. The cited example has
settings for speed and syncrate.

Kind regards


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