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Wed May 18 01:56:53 EDT 2011

When I use a syncRate of 0, I get very close!!!   However, about every
second, I get a 'jerk' in the flow.  It's still enough of a pest to keep me
looking but the syncRate definitely helps.  I have noticed that the higher
the number, the worse it gets except if I move the cursor around while the
text was scrolling.  But this will be a standalone app so right now, 0 for
syncRate is the best so far.

Thanks Scott!

jim schaubeck

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Recently, Derek Bump - Dreamscape Software wrote:

> The movement I see with this solution is the exact movement I see when 
> I tried your hScroll solution.  It's still too jerky for prime time.  
> Both are getting close but I'm hoping for a much smoother solution.

In terms of built-in movement, I don't believe there are any other
solutions.  But one thing you might try is messing with the syncRate
property.  I only recently learned about this and haven't figured out how to
best make use of it, but changing its value might get you closer to the
smooth movement you're trying to achieve, at the possible expense of heavier
processor use.  On my Mac system, INCREASING the syncRate makes for jerkier
movement, which seems to be the opposite of the docs, so you might need to
try higher and lower values.



Specifies how often the display is updated during visual effect, drag, and
move commands.  

set the syncRate to 12

Use the syncRate property to specify how often the screen is redrawn.

The syncRate is a positive integer.

Decreasing the syncRate reduces the load on the system, but may make the
display of movements and visual effects more jerky.

The default value of syncRate is 20.



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