Highlight list line on hover?

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There is something else going on, because both approaches work identically for me. As they ought to. Anyway, as John says, the good news is there is more than one way to do almost anyting. I originally did it with a mouseMove as well, and now that I think about it, this is likely slightly more robust, even though functionally indistinguishable.

Craig Newman

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> I just retried both John's and your scripts, to see if it was me... 
> • John's does not affect the default list field behaviour - the highlight 
changes only on mouseDown.

Keith, the highlight does not change on mouseDown, it changes when the mouse is 
over the line... the first line in the handler is to stop the highlight being 
set to the first line if the cursor is moved over a line in the field that is 

on mouseWithin
   if the mouseLine is empty then exit mouseWithin
   select the mouseLine
end mouseWithin

Not that it matters, as one of the nice things about LiveCode is that 
there is always another way to accomplish something... the purists will 
'carp' on about best practices, which always makes me smile... Who is to
 say ?

Take care... :-)

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