Field content in background group only visible on its 'parent' card?

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at
Wed May 11 09:24:01 EDT 2011

Thanks Klaus (and Mark) - yes that was it.

One more property understood - 9,999 to go. 

It's so frustrating to be stuck in the 'consciously incompetent' quadrant with LiveCode - you need to know what is wrong before you can find it in the dictionary - and then it's so obvious! (Aaargh!) 

The dictionary states that it defaults to true - so I must have accidentally toggled it when working with neighbouring properties. 

So, at least my big, fat, clumsy fingers are being interpreted accurately by my Magic Mouse!    

On 11 May 2011, at 13:48, Klaus on-rev wrote:

> Hi Keith,
>> Hi folks,
>> I have a background group containing a sub-group, which in turn, contains a button, plus an overlaying field that contains the button's Title (as I can't align the button's name against its 'icon' images appropriately).
>> This Title field is selectable on all cards in the stack but the content text is invisible on all cards except the one where it was created.
>> I've tried removing and replacing the background group but no change - and new cards have the same problem. 
>> Any clues?
> did you check the "sharedtext" (Share text) of these fields?
>> Best,
>> Keith..
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> Best
> Klaus
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