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Ken Ray kray at
Mon May 9 19:46:10 EDT 2011

> Er, yes. The only tutorial material I can find is about **writing** Externals,
> something I wish to avoid like the plague. As before, I'm asking for pointers,
> in this case to the implementation of a 'simple wrapper' in a Windows
> environment. What I'm really trying to avoid is having to learn a new (well,
> probably quite old) development environment and a new (to me) language - the
> whole grammar of the API, at least. Maybe there are no short cuts, in which
> case I will have to go back to school. But it seems hard, after all the
> struggles I've had over the years to bootstrap my way out of low-level coding.
> As ever, any suggestions gratefully received.

Graham, you can use a VBScript to do this... take a look at this tip on my


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