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What Chris said.

But even a simple application, whether the devil is in the coding or in the look and feel, requires a lot of work. Especially if you want it all to work nicely. If you are a beginner, you will need to do a lot of work, learning, before you even start to do a lot of work.

Where are you with the project? Is it (I hope) sort of working but not well? Or does not look the way you want it? If so, good news, this forum can really help.

If not, and you are just starting out, this still should not discourage you. It might only take weeks to get up to a level where you can start asking questions here that will greatly help you.

When you were assigned this task, did you already know LiveCode? Your question indicates to me that perhaps you did not. This is not a program, like Excel, where you can get going rapidly, within its limits, with a minimum of knowledge. It is a programming and authoring environment, where you can do anything you want to.

Craig Newman

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That sounds like something well-suited to LiveCard's strengths, and would
work well with a card-based application that presents the desired
information in a flashcard-style presentation and ends with a series of Q&A
cards. The hard part won't be the coding (that would be fairly minimal), the
time will mostly be spent getting the look and content of the application
how you want it, I'm sure.

Check out some of the education stacks in the Rev Online directory for

 ~ Chris Innanen
 ~ Nonsanity

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> Hi guys,
> I am in need to create an educational learning tutorial by LiveCode. I am
> trying very hard but still couldn't get it done smoothly. I really need
> some
> assistance from you guys though. Can you please look at the tutorial
> requirements stated below:
> *Below is the detail description about the tutorial that I would like to
> create:*
> Design, develop, and deliver a “tutorial-type” educational software
> program.
> Tutorial simply means that you are teaching something new…it doesn’t imply
> either a direct instruction or constructivist approach.  The program should
> constitute a single lesson in a larger curriculum.
> The educational software program must include the following elements:
>   1. The main design is a tutorial (i.e., teaches something new)
>   2. Practice on a particular skill/task is included.
>   3. A specific multiple-choice or short-answer testing strand (described
>   below)
>   4. A summative evaluation at completion of the lesson.
>   5. Appropriate feedback is included that addresses the student by name
>   and is randomly selected from three or more feedback options for Negative
>   Feedback and Positive Feedback
>   6. An instructional strategy or educational philosophy must be evident
>   and articulated
> If you have any question about the requirements stated above, feel free to
> email me!
> Thanks,
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