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David Brooks dbrooks at
Mon May 9 14:14:30 EDT 2011

I am trying to create a series of "helps" where I step a user through a process using the underlying tool. I have one "help" field that variously shows, hides, fills, and moves around.

The scripts "say" things (aural feedback).

There is a "pointer" button that locates as needed, flashes, and shows/hides.

Here's my problem. Suppose I have a menu button that affords several choices. In my application, I can click the button, move among the choices from a list that is displayed -- with a choice automatically hiliting as I move around (hovering) in the list, and then click to make the hilited choice. 

I want to drive that from a script. Is there an easy way? The list seems to behave like some sort of modal stack that I must deal with. That is, if I create a script that pops out the list, that list behaves as I would expect -- FROM MOUSE ACTIONS -- but I haven't found scripting that leads to the same effects. I suppose I could capture images and use these AS IF they were the real thing, but then I'd have less flexibility than if I did this from scripts. 

Should I simply redesign things such that buttons display fields and try to go from there? I seem to be able to get that approach to work from scripts, but it seems cumbersome.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Dave B.

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