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Phil Davis revdev at
Sun May 8 01:57:18 EDT 2011

As a workaround, I created a LC plugin (Mac only) that executes this code at IDE 
startup time:

-- stack script

command removeBadGlobals
    put the globals into tList
    if slash is not in tList then
       send "closeMe" to me in 1 tick
       exit removeBadGlobals
    end if

    -- something has a slash in it!
    replace comma with CR in tList
    filter tList with "*/*" -- isolate bad globals
    repeat for each line tGlobal in tList
       get shell("unset" && tGlobal)
       put tGlobal & cr after tRemoved
    end repeat

    -- tell user
    answer "Removed bad globals:" & cr & tRemoved

    -- close
    send "closeMe" to me in 1 tick
end removeBadGlobals

command closeMe
    close me
end closeMe

On 5/7/11 10:38 PM, Phil Davis wrote:
> On 5/7/11 10:11 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> Jacque wrote:
>>>> It may be a bug though that LiveCode doesn't deal correctly with system
>>>> globals containing slashes. That part could be reported.
>>> I'm not sure what I wrote is right. I just looked and I have several
>>> system globals that both contain file paths with slashes. Neither are
>>> causing me any of the problems that were reported.
>> The vars that work have slashes only in the values, but with the one
>> giving Phil trouble there are slashes in the name.
> Yes! Exactly. The problem (as I understand it) occurs when LiveCode attempts 
> to reference the variable, before doing anything with it.

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