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Pete pete at
Thu May 5 14:07:34 EDT 2011

Hi Craig,

I guess I don't really consider myself a particularly experienced user - I'd
put myself around about a 4 on an experience scale of 1 - 10.   I know quite
a lot about particular segments of LC's capabilities and practically zero
about others.  So when I need to start figuring how to do something in those
zero-knowledge segments, I need all the help I can get!  That's partly what
this suggestion is about.

As far as a keyword search on the dictionary, I think perhaps I didn't
explain things very well.  Think of it as a Google search.   I'd key in
"date" and I'd get a series of links that would show the dictionary keyword
and it's summary followed by a couple of lines of text from the entry that
include the word date. That would get me "date", "DateItems", dateFormat,
dateTime, is a, centuryCutOff and most likely a bunch of other entries I
don't even know exist (or at least haven't made the connection with). I
click on a link that interests me ( "is a" in this case) and I see the whole
dictionary entry for that link.

I do agree that what I'm suggesting is beyond the scope of the current
dictionary application, but the information needed to provide that type of
functionality is all in the dictionary files. Now I come to think of it, I
wonder if Google has a way to index a specific file?

Molly's Revenge <>
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On Wed, May 4, 2011 at 2:50 PM, <dunbarx at> wrote:

> Pete.
> I see what you are saying, and I know you are an experienced user. But what
> you are asking may be beyond the scope of any dictionary. Searching for
> "date" gives, well, "date", and also "dateItems", "dateTime", "dateFormat"
> and others. It does not seem appropriate that methods of date validation be
> included there, rather only a precise definition and syntax.
> It is a bonus that examples are included, as well as user notes. And I
> always tout the "see also" stuff. All that seems like lagniappe.
> Anyone remember "Tricks of the Hypercard Masters"? After an LC Danny
> Goodman, that is what you are really yearning for.
> Craig

Molly's Revenge <>

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