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Wed May 4 10:52:22 EDT 2011

Just a comment on user interfaces, have you thought about using the common
technique of coloring a field's background red if it doesn't contain a valid
string? Move the test function into a handler that triggers on each key
press. This way the right/wrong state of the field is visible to the user at
all times. You can also disable buttons like Submit or Next Card or whatnot
if the user shouldn't be able to click them with any fields still red.

This interface style minimizes clicks and modal dialogs, while giving the
user much more information.

Just a thought. :)

 ~ Chris Innanen
 ~ Nonsanity

On Wed, May 4, 2011 at 12:14 AM, Bill Vlahos <bvlahos at> wrote:

> I do a validity check on a field to see if the user entered a valid date.
> If the user entered a valid date and presses TAB or RETURN the focus moves
> on to the next field. However, if the user enters an invalid date I want to
> keep the focus on the field to try again.
> This field script does everything correctly except that it doesn't set the
> focus back on the field. What am I doing wrong?
> on closeField
>   if me is not a date then
>      answer error "Not a valid date. Retry?" with "No" or "Yes"
>      if it is "Yes" then
>         focus on me
>         exit closeField
>      end if
>   end if
>   pass closeField
> end closeField
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