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Tue May 3 09:33:03 EDT 2011

>> I Googled a lot, but I haven't found it...
>> I'd like to have a little menu icon to the right on closing my app in the
>> Mac menu bar, is that possible at all. And when a user clicks the icon a
>> menu appears. If you've ever seen the dropbox menu icon, you know what I
>> mean. Any small snippet (as usual ;-) highly appreciated.
> Check the "Status icon support (4.5 ­ experimental)" section of the
> Release Notes. You can open the Release Notes from the Help menu in the
> IDE. This is a relatively new feature that allows you to put a status
> icon in the Mac menu bar (or system tray on Windows.) It is experimental
> for now, which means it may have bugs or irregularities.
> I don't think the icon will remain if you quit your app. You'll need to
> just hide your stack instead of quitting.

Sorry to be late to the party on this, but currently the status icon support
in LC is for Windows only (at least according to the Read Me).

I have a step-by-step tutorial on setting one up using Xcode, that includes
calling AppleScript from any status menu items you create (which would allow
you to reopen your app, or anything else AS supports).

Here's the URL:

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