Find restricted to the current card?

James Hurley jhurley0305 at
Sun May 1 11:50:33 EDT 2011

I have a field with the script:

on mouseUP
   put the value of the clickline into tText
   set itemdel to tab
   put item 1 of tText into tText
   find string  tText in field "thetext"
end mouseUP

When I click on a line in the field RR finds the string in the field "theText" and a second click on the same line finds the next instance of the string in the same field. 

But if, on subsequent clicks, it fails to find the string in the field "theText" on the current card, it goes looking for the string on any other card with a field named "theText"

Is there a way to do something like:

     find string tText in field "theText" ON THIS CARD

So that it will not jump to other cards containing a field of the same name and the same text. (Without having to go through the stack and rename fields so that there are no duplicates?)

In short, restrict the search to the current card.

Jim Hurley

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