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Trevor Devore's GLX Application Framework does that exact thing, and calls
it broadcasting.    It's at least as innovative as his SQL Yoga or the
Datagrid he designed for Runrev. However, I think you are talking about
web-based concepts, and Trevor's framework is for the desktop builder.

On 30 March 2011 20:49, Todd Geist <todd at> wrote:

> Thanks everyone for answering my earlier questions on adapting MVC to rev.
>  I have moved on to one more.  Although this one isn't really MVC.
> A couple of the frameworks I have used have a concept called "data
> binding".
>  This usually means something along the lines of when one property changes
> another property is automatically updated.  The two properties are said to
> be "Bound".  I like this concept and it seems like something that could be
> useful to Live Code.
> It seems that you could broadcast the change of a property of an object.
> And
> other objects could listen for that change, and update themselves
> accordingly.
> Again, in effort to avoid re-inventing the wheel, I am curious if there any
> one has tried this sort of thing and if it proved useful.
> Thanks
> Todd
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