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There's a gotcha with storing data in custom properties (or any LC objects for that matter) if you plan to build a standalone version of your program.  Everything works fine in the IDE but in the standalone whatever you store won't survive when you quit the program.

There are various ways around this but they all involve some extra work in how you structure your stacks and substacks.  There are others on this list that can describe what needs to be done better than I but just plan for this earlier in your application rather than later.  

Pete Haworth

On Mar 28, 2011, at 7:39 PM, Todd Geist wrote:

> thanks guys.
> Now a couple of follow up questions.
> Where is a good place to stick all this data?  custom Props on substack?
> I am going to try to mimc some of the things I like about the web frameworks
> I have used lately.  I am not sure if this will be possible but I am hoping
> to create some kind of local representation of the sever data. Something
> like the Model in MVC. Not really in the sense of OOP, but more just as a
> place to encapsulate logic that operates on the data.
> For example if I building a contact management app, is there some place I
> can build some logic that describes a person and what it person can do?
> I think I see I can create custom props on an object like a button. And even
> setup some getters and setters thats a start.
> Has any one gone down this path?  Does it get you anywhere?
> Thanks
> Todd
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