Is HTML text string within current scrolling visible area of browser window?

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at
Sun Mar 27 15:27:36 EDT 2011

Jim, you've pretty much hit the nail on the head, here. That's exactly what I want to do - except that as I don't control the page source, I can't insert marker tags or strings of my own. However, there are unique strings that I know will be present on specific pages. So, if I could do a simple check of whether they are 'in view' in the scrolling browser window, I'd be very happy. 

Is there a magic bit of technical jargon that I could use in place of 'in view' to tempt Google to be more forthcoming on what's involved?
Thanks again,

On 27 Mar 2011, at 19:50, Jim Ault wrote:
> You can also use 'marker' tags to add tiny elements that have id's
> then just check to see if those are 'in view' rather than do a lot of calc/compare steps on larger elements that can be dynamic.

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