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I have tried this in the tabmenu script:

on mouseUp
   if  the clickHistory of me = the menuhistory of me then send menupick && the clickhistory of me to me
    set the clickHistory of me to the menuhistory of me
end mouseUp

It checks to see if the same tab has been clicked by another route, mouseUp, instead of menuPick. If it is the same, it generates the menuPick message by hand.

Craig Newman

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On 3/25/11 12:11 PM, James Hurley wrote: 
> In summary, is there any way to force the tab panel to receive a second 
> menupick message when it is already selected? 
If the menuhistory doesn't change, the tab panel doesn't bother to update itself. You might be able to hack it with something like this: 
  -- assume tab button's history is currently at "1": 
  lock screen 
  lock messages 
  set the menuhistory of btn "tabpanel" to 2 
  unlock messages 
  set the menuhistory of btn "tabpanel" to 1 
  unlock screen 
Didn't try it though. 
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