Progress Indicator Revisited

Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Mar 24 12:47:08 EDT 2011

Recently, Bob Sneidar wrote:

> I know this has been hashed out before, but what did we decide? I am going
> through 3 nested loops, each of which puts some text into a field to indicate
> how far along in the process I am. Trouble is, nothing shows up in the field
> until everything is done.
> Is there a way to force the screen to refresh in a loop so I can see a
> progress indicator? I tried to send idle in 0 seconds each time I went through
> the loop, but no joy.

If I understand what you're asking, this can only work if your "process" can
accommodate a wait or pause while it's operating.  Some folks use a "wait x
millisecs with messages" in a repeat loop (even a value of zero will work in
some cases).  Another way is to use "send in" instead of a repeat loop which
inherently has "breaks" built in between cycles.  But each of these depend a
bit on what your process is doing and how it's doing it.


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