Revlet - how to get back to the main stack from a substack?

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at
Wed Mar 23 12:24:22 EDT 2011

After further research, I discover that the current browser plugin requires revlet stacks to be the same size. So, there is no way to mock-up web page pop-up dialogue boxes or lightbox effects other than to create full-size pages with dark backgrounds - much as when using PowerPoint/Keynote, etc.

Consequently, there is little benefit in using sub-stacks to manage the sizes and backgrounds of various different dialogue windows in the early stages of prototyping. Rather, groups (that may become discrete stack backgrounds in due course) can be copied across cards within a single revlet stack. 

So, after copying my various substack pages into the main stack (which now becomes the only stack) navigation is purely between cards, which seems to be much easier.

So much for the LiveCode philosophy of developing once and then simply deploying to the appropriate platform! Maybe this will change if a new browser plugin is released(?)

> Hi Mark,
> Thanks for the response and suggestions. 
> According to the documentation, windowID generated by the underlying OS, applied to each new application window opened. So, opening a substack using 'go stack "<target substack name>" in the window of this stack' is the equivalent of opening a new web page in the same browser window - the windowID should stay the same.
> To prove this logic, in the IDE on OSX, if I type 'answer the windowid of current stack' into the message box whilst focused on the main stack, I get a 9-digit number returned. If I then navigate to the substack using the ' this window' statement and repeat the message box command, I get the same number. So, OSX has retained the windowID for the substack.
> Once deployed to the revlet, the underlying OS sees only a single window, so outside the rev browser plugin, nothing changes. Meanwhile, within the revlet, I can move from main-stack to substacks and between substacks using this same command. So it should be possible to navigate back to the main stack in the same (or a similar) way.
> So unless there is some undocumented secret syntax somewhere, this looks like a bug with the LiveCode browser plugin.

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