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Compared to what? France?

Correction: The public transit in OTHER Bay area places than San Francisco
proper. suck. They really try here in the city with 5 means of public
transit and pretty good coverage, but such a thing is tough with tough
unions on one side and dwindling money to pay for it. But for the rest of
the peninsula and the east bay, it <is>, as you say pretty sucky.

On 23 March 2011 03:25, Scott Rossi <scott at tactilemedia.com> wrote:

> Recently, Judy Perry wrote:
> > Can you get there via mass transit?
> FYI: public transit in the SF Bay Area sucks.  I can say that because I've
> lived here all my life.
> That said, if it comes down to it, getting to the Computer History Museum
> (and almost anywhere else) via public transit is possible, it's just not
> convenient.  The conference hotel appears to be between two train stops,
> which might be a bit farther than walking distance, but somewhat close.
> Google's trip planner gets you almost door to door via buses, trains, and
> walking, at a time of just over 2 hours.  That's a bit long.
> Perhaps the RunRev folks will be able to work something out.
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