Judy Perry jperryl at
Wed Mar 23 02:18:21 EDT 2011

NeoOffice too.  I really don't need twirly nauseating text.  I once had a 
student group do their report on the eBay phenomenon.  Yup, you guessed 
it.  EVERY SINGLE LETTER in the presentation was in a different color. 
Every line twirled into focus.  It was downright nauseating.

Oh, and here's a PPT presentation I make my students view every semester; 
it's Peter Norvig's inspired setting of the Gettysburg Address in PPT:


On Sat, 19 Mar 2011, Kee Nethery wrote:

> As much as I love Livecode, I use Keynote on the Mac to make my presentations and it is really easy compared to powerpoint. Once I'm done I can export as PowerPoint or PDF and find that works quite well. It's a really nice easy to use tool for presentations.

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