newbie script question re Find command

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Tue Mar 22 17:31:21 EDT 2011


I guess I never tried to write a script like this before. Thought it would be simple... Well, it is simple, probably, just not simple in a way that I actually understand.

How do I find multiple instances of a string in a given field of a given card and record each foundchunk in a variable, and then stop repeating the find command when the last instance is found?

I want to do this in the context of a repeat loop that goes to all the cards in the stack in sequence.

Sooo, I also need to know... How do I tell the repeat loop to move on to the next card:

- if no instance of the string is found on the card

- and

- after the last instance of the string is found on the card

Hope that's clear.

I understand I'll probably want to nest a repeat loop using the find command on each card, with exits when certain conditions are met. I'm choking on the details.

I don't need a complete and accurate script. Just the general idea.

Thanks in advance.

Tim (the world's oldest newbie)

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