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Recently, Kevin Miller wrote:

> I'm not ready to announce anything yet but just so you know... We are
> looking at whether we can organize a group trip to this museum in an evening
> as part of the conference. Please stay tuned.

Well, as Mark W suggested, there's also The Tech, which is a lot closer, and
has more hands-on exhibits. (They also have the Body Worlds exhibit going on

The best by far though, is the Exploratorium, but this is up in San
Francisco, a good hour away.  More science than technology, but the exhibits
are quite engaging.


If you haven't been before, the SF Bay Area has a lot to offer, too much in

For those into history mixed with a bit of mystery, there's the Rosicrucian
Egyptian Museum in San Jose.

The local San Jose art museum:

There's NASA Ames Exploration Center:

If you're into flying and aviation, there's the phenomenal Hiller Museum of
Aviation farther north:

A bit pricey, and not that mysterious:
(better to do the flashlight tour at night but this only happens around

There's the tiny but cute pop culture PEZ museum, about 45 min away.
(Ignore the pic on the site -- the place is the size of a broom closet)
If you pay the owner $2, he'll grant entrance to the memorabilia room and
personally give you a 5 minute monologue on the history of PEZ.

There's a Cartoon Art museum in San Francisco, again a bit far, but for
folks who have the time and are interested in the medium...

San Francisco has all the big art museums:
MOMA <http://www.sfmoma.org/>
de Yung <http://deyoung.famsf.org/>
Adademy of Sciences <http://www.calacademy.org/>

So many others...


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