What's wrong with this <sql> picture?

Bob Sneidar bobs at twft.com
Sat Mar 12 00:33:14 EST 2011

Hi all. I am having a problem with this sql and I do not know why. I am using mySQL. The error I am generating is: 

error : You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '(30), 
`sw_service_pack_major_version` integer(3), 
`sw_service_pack_minor_versi' at line 1

I cannot see what is wrong. I deleted every column beyond where the error says I am having a problem and it works! Is there a hard limit to how big a query can be? If not, then is there a limit to how big an ON-REV query can be??

As a side note, I take the SQL to create a table from sqLite, massage it to work in mySQL then execute it. Not sure if that gives you a vector on the issue but the more information the better I always say. 


CREATE TABLE  `slylabs_Helpdesk`.`sw_devices` (
  `uniqueid` mediumint(3) unsigned zerofill NOT NULL auto_increment,
  `deleted` boolean DEFAULT FALSE,
  `updated` boolean DEFAULT FALSE,
  `sw_id` INTEGER NOT NULL, 
`sw_name` varchar(50) NOT NULL, 
`sw_type` varchar(50), 
`sw_description` varchar(80), 
`sw_server_name` varchar(50), 
`sw_domain` varchar(50), 
`sw_uuid` varchar(50), 
`sw_manufacturer` varchar(50), 
`sw_model` varchar(50), 
`sw_os_serial_number` varchar(70), 
`sw_windows_product_id` varchar(50), 
`sw_serial_number` varchar(75), 
`sw_ip_address` varchar(15), 
`sw_mac_address` varchar(50), 
`sw_operating_system` varchar(64), 
`sw_version` varchar(50), 
`sw_windows_user` varchar(50), 
`sw_primary_owner_name` varchar(50), 
`sw_memory` integer, 
`sw_management_oid` varchar(75), 
`sw_up_time` varchar(50), 
`sw_last_boot_up_time` datetime(30), 
`sw_service_pack_major_version` integer(3), 
`sw_service_pack_minor_version` integer(3), 
`sw_number_of_licensed_users` integer(3), 
`sw_number_of_processors` integer(3), 
`sw_processor_type` varchar(50), 
`sw_created_on` datetime, 
`sw_updated_on` datetime, 
`sw_kernel` varchar(255), 
`sw_page_count` integer, 
`sw_install_date` datetime, 
`sw_device_type` varchar(255), 
`sw_current_user` varchar(255), 
`sw_bios_version` varchar(255), 
`sw_location` varchar(255), 
`sw_online_at` datetime, 
`sw_offline_at` datetime, 
`sw_asset_tag` varchar(255), 
`sw_manually_added` boolean DEFAULT FALSE, 
`sw_bios_date` date, 
`sw_c_purchase_price` float, 
`sw_c_purchase_date` date, 
`sw_b_name` varchar(50), 
`sw_b_location` varchar(255), 
`sw_b_device_type` varchar(255), 
`sw_b_asset_tag` varchar(255), 
`sw_b_manufacturer` varchar(50), 
`sw_b_model` varchar(50), 
`sw_b_primary_owner_name` varchar(50), 
`sw_b_serial_number` varchar(75), 
`sw_warning_alert_count` integer DEFAULT 0, 
`sw_error_alert_count` integer DEFAULT 0, 
`sw_open_ticket_count` integer DEFAULT 0, 
`sw_auto_tag` varchar(255), 
`sw_dn` varchar(255), 
`sw_c_passwd_update` varchar(255) DEFAULT `Yes`, 
`sw_c_dept_device` varchar(255) DEFAULT `Not Assigned`, 
`sw_user_tag` varchar(255), 
`sw_exclude_tag` varchar(255), 
`sw_last_scan_time` datetime, 
`sw_site_name` varchar(255), 
`sw_spice_version` integer,
  `notes` blob NOT NULL,
  `signature` char(2) NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (`uniqueid`)

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