iOS - scrolling editable fields - possible?

Terry Judd tsj at
Tue Mar 8 22:26:06 EST 2011

I¹m attempting to implement a scrolling editable field in an iOS project and
am really struggling.

I¹ve attached a iOS scroller to a group containing the field and this all
works fine when the field is locked. When the field is unlocked  and the
user drags over it it seems as if (and I¹ve only tested this in the
simulator) there appears, on the simulators part, to be some confusion over
whether the user wants to scroll the field or edit it ­ sometimes it
scrolls, sometimes it pops up the keyboard. A couple of iPad note apps that
I¹ve had a look at seem to distinguish quite clearly between a swipe (to
scroll) and a tap (to edit), and this is what I¹m looking to emulate.

Added to this the group (and the scroller) needs to be resized when the
keyboard is activated and deactivated and the field needs to be resized as
its formatted height changes. I think I¹ve got these covered (or at least
have an idea of how to go about them) provided I can get the swipe/tap
distinction happening.

Has anyone managed to satisfactorily implement such a beast yet, and if so
would they mind providing a tip or two?



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