GLX application framework: application stacks and .dat files?

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> Hi folks,
> I'm trying to configure a GLX application framework for my first 'proper'
> application but I'm struggling with getting my stack to be launched by the
> GLX launcher stack...
> I have copied my 'app.rev' stack file into the GLX application directory,
> successfully added it as a stack (a required, load on start-up, window type)
> and deleted the default program.dat stack reference. I have also updated the
> application stack script's kProgramStackName Constant to 'admin' (and I've
> also tried 'admin.rev'). This is the related GLX lesson

> But, if I open the launcher app in LiveCode, my stack doesn't get loaded or
> opened. Am I missing something obvious here?


* What happens when you click on the launcher stack? Does it disappear and
then nothing happens?

* Is "admin" the name of the main stack that is stored in your app.rev stack
file in memory?

To start troubleshooting this you can add a breakpoint to the
glxapp_openApplication handler in the application stack script. This is the
handler that opens the stack targeted by kProgramStackName. When you get to
the breakpoint you can refresh the list of stacks in the Application Browser
(little refresh button at the bottom of the left column in the Application
Browser) and verify that you have a stack in memory whose name matches the
value of kProgramStackName.

If you aren't familiar with using the debugger then you could add the
following line to the glxapp_openApplication handler:

answer there is a stack kProgramStackName

> What are these GLX .dat stack files all about, anyway?

This lesson explains what each .dat file does.


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