GLX application framework: application stacks and .dat files?

Keith Clarke keith.clarke at
Thu Mar 3 08:09:52 EST 2011

Hi folks,
I'm trying to configure a GLX application framework for my first 'proper' application but I'm struggling with getting my stack to be launched by the GLX launcher stack... 

I have copied my 'app.rev' stack file into the GLX application directory, successfully added it as a stack (a required, load on start-up, window type) and deleted the default program.dat stack reference. I have also updated the application stack script's kProgramStackName Constant to 'admin' (and I've also tried 'admin.rev'). This is the related GLX lesson

But, if I open the launcher app in LiveCode, my stack doesn't get loaded or opened. Am I missing something obvious here? What are these GLX .dat stack files all about, anyway?


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