Creating a scrollview with Livecode

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Tue Mar 1 18:28:20 EST 2011

Eric - check under 'example stacks and resources' in the Livecode help menu.
There should be an iOS scroller example there that has both vertical and
horizontal scrolling implemented.



On 2/03/11 10:19 AM, "Jim Ault" <jimaultwins at> wrote:

> On Mar 1, 2011, at 2:55 PM, Eric Peyron wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am trying to create an eComic with Livecode and I need the user to
>> be able to scroll each page vertically or horizontally.  When I
>> developped the App in Objective-C, I had to implement a scrollview,
>> but as I am still a beginner, I don't know how to do this in
>> Livecode yet. Can anyone help?
> I think you will want to take the objects on a card and make them into
> a group.
> At that point you can set the group vscroll & hscroll to 'on'
> If you also set the group to 'behave like a background' then new cards
> added to the same stack will add any of the groups so marked.
> You can 'place' or 'remove' any groups from any card.
> Groups are part of the stack and don't have to appear on any of the
> cards.
> Hope this helps.
> Jim Ault
> Las Vegas
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