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Mon Feb 28 18:29:46 EST 2011


Probably a stupid question, but I'm gonna post it anyway...
I'm using a mySQL database on a server, and a livecode app which uses the info in that database.
The mySQL is using it's default port (3306), and everything is working ok. Except with some of my bigger companies, who closed almost everything on their firewall, including (of course) port 3306 :-(

One of the many beauties in LiveCode is it's direct access to data in a mySQL database, but what to do when this is not possible due to the above limitations?
Do I need to create a server-side app or a webservice, which accesses the data and hands it to my apps through port 80, or are there other options?

Mind you I know jack sh** about writing serverside apps, so any help is welcome...

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Ton Kuypers

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