Drag and drop a Bookmark

Thomas Bähler toeloop at swissonline.ch
Mon Feb 28 17:02:28 EST 2011

> Is this under Windows? Because on OSX I get the URL and not the title when
> dragging bookmarks from both Safari and Firefox into a Livecode field. In
> fact from memory, to get the title on a Mac you need to grab the url, load
> it and then parse the text between the title tags.

Hi Terry
It's on Mac with the Opera browser. With Safari I get indeed the URL (?).

> on dragenter
>   set the acceptdrop to true
> end dragenter

> on dragdrop
>    put url (the dragData) into theHTML
>    put offset("<title>",theHTML)+7 into b
>    put offset("</title>",theHTML)-1 into z
>    put char b to z of theHTML into me
>    put cr & the dragData after me --the URL itself
> end dragdrop

Thanks Marty,
That script works fine - with Safari. With Opera I get only the title.
On the other hand: when I drag the URL out of the browser (grabing it by the favicon) and drop it on the desktop, I get a file with the title as the filename (Safari) and the URL as the filename (Opera)???

By the way (LiveCode dictionary):
...The acceptDrop property is deprecated as of version 2.9. Setting the acceptDrop to true is equivalent to setting the dragAction to "copy".

I have to do more research tomorrow

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