OpenField/ExitField Handlers in Datagrid?

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Sun Feb 27 16:08:25 EST 2011

Peter Haworth <pete at> on February 27, 2011 at 12:24 PM
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>I think you need to do this in the EditFieldText and CloseFieldEditor
>commands in the datagrid library.  I haven;t used them but they are
>writen up in detail in Trevor's Datagrid Manual.

I have been able to enable the menu items by adding to the EditValue
command in the behavior script for this field

command EditValue
   if there is a field 1 of me then
      EditFieldText the long ID of field 1 of me, the dgIndex of me, the
dgColumn of me
   end if
   Enable  menuItem 1 of button "EditMenu"
   Enable  menuItem 2 of button "EditMenu"
   Enable  menuItem 3 of button "EditMenu"
end EditValue

I don't know where or how to set the disable commands when I exit this

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