OpenField/ExitField Handlers in Datagrid?

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Sun Feb 27 15:08:25 EST 2011

Seems to be my day for questions.
I am building an app and want to control the enabling and disabling of
menu items based on where the cursor is.  Mostly, I have no problem,
except when I am in a datagrid.
I have a datagrid that has only one editable column.  When I double click
on that column on a row and get into that specific field for editing, I
want to enable some menu items (like Copy, paste).  When I exit that
field, I want to disable them.
On other fields in the card, I do this on the OpenField and ExitField
How do I do this in a Datagrid?

As always, thanks for anyone who can help.  An unusual snow storm in
Vancouver has me coding today on a pet project.

Stewart Lynch
CreaTECH Solutions
slynch at

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