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On 2/27/11 11:30 AM, Thomas McGrath III wrote:
> I guess I should explain more. I have been working with groups lately
> and was very frustrated with trying to line them up with other
> elements not in the group. That led me to the Grid menu item. How
> does everyone else handle lining up elements in a group with those
> outside of a group?

Re: your other post, the grid setting never shows gridlines, it's just a 
"snap to" effect. You can change the number of pixels for the snap in prefs.

I don't depend on grid too much, I use the property inspector. If you 
shift-click the objects you want to align and double-click when 
selecting the last one (or just leave the inspector already open) then 
the Align pane is available. That can align objects in just about any 
way you need. The first item chosen is the one that serves as the 
reference for all the other objects.

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