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Bob Sneidar bobs at
Fri Feb 25 16:49:16 EST 2011

Hi Rick. 

Since this worked for me and it isn't for you, a bit of troubleshooting is called for. In the help stack, there is a Properties subset in the left pane. Click that then search for Print. You will get all the properties that printing uses. I believe there is a property for the current printer in there somewhere. Try getting that property and see what it tells you. 

It is possible that Livecode "remembers" the last printer used. Some applications do, others always assume the default printer unless you change it for that print job. In LiveCode under the Page Setup dialog, you can change the printer you want to print to, select the Format For to use that printer (ALWAYS a good practice because it's possible to crash the print process or the printer itself if you don't), and then in the Page Attributes popup select Save as Default. What are those values there? 

This brings up a very good point thought. The Page Setup is not reverting to any defaults when you change the properties by code. (And why would they?) So it seems to me that before setting printer properties, it would be a good practice to GET them first so you can restore them after your print job is done. I set my orientation before I did my little print test and the orientation has persisted which might bite me in the buttocks later. I learn something new every day! 


On Feb 25, 2011, at 12:46 PM, Rick Harrison wrote:

> Eh?  What is that???
> This only happens when I try to print from Livecode. 
> Is this a Preference in Livecode for Mac OS X somewhere?
> My default printer is set as a "Brother" shared printer over
> the network.
> Thanks,
> Rick

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