Deflating Binary Data

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Fri Feb 25 14:35:40 EST 2011

I was actually modifying my deflate-ed data to give it a header that would
make it compatible - hopefully. I didn't have high hopes that that would
work, but I DID expect the decompress() function to NOT crash. I'd call that
a bug. The function shouldn't crash the script if it gets bad data - It
should report the error in the return value (or in "the result") and
continue on.

 ~ Chris Innanen
 ~ Nonsanity

On Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 12:28 PM, J. Landman Gay
<jacque at>wrote:

> On 2/25/11 9:15 AM, Nonsanity wrote:
>> Well I'm having a conversation with myself here, but I can't seem to get
>> the
>> decompress() function to work. it keeps giving me an unhelpful error:
>> Script compile error:
>> Error description: Object Name:
>> If I feed it binary data that came from compress(), it's fine and dandy.
>> But
>> send it anything else and the script aborts with that error. You would
>> think
>> it would return a helpful error value if the data was malformed in some
>> way.
>> And it seems not to like the data I need to re-inflate.
> Those two functions are for gzip only. You can't give it any other kind of
> data. RevZip and gzip are different.
> The error is probably blank because LiveCode doesn't know what went wrong
> exactly, only that it can't continue. That's actually an improvement over
> older behavior, where the error would default to the first line in the error
> list if there wasn't a match, giving incorrect info.
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