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Fri Feb 25 01:49:31 EST 2011

On 2/24/11 8:55 PM, edward cawley wrote:

> Yes I am using external paths and I figured out that the standalone
> included a folder in the bundle but did not transfer the files into
> the folder. I changed the name of the folder from "resources" to
> "MisippFiles" and copied the files into the folder in the bundle of
> the standalone. It works fine now.

Glad you got it figured out. But the standalone builder should have 
copied all the files by itself. I just tested that and it seems to work 
here. It copies the folder exactly, with the same name, and all the 

The "Resources" name is reserved in iOS and shouldn't be used for those 
builds, but it should work okay in desktop standalones. It's a good idea 
to avoid that name anyway just for clarity, since the standalone already 
has a Resources folder in a different directory. But technically there 
should not have been a conflict.

Copying the files manually works too, I just wonder why you had to.

> I am testing the windows app in VM Fusion, it is working fine with
> the exception that the movie in a player does not run in windows. Do
> I have to install the quick time player into VM Fusion or use the
> windows media player?

It depends on what version of LiveCode you're using. You should be able 
to run compatible videos with WMP, but if your movies are QT-specific 
movies then you'd need to install QT. In older versions of LiveCode 
(when it was Rev) QT was always required in Windows. I can't remember 
the exact version where the change was made but it wasn't too many 
versions ago.

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