Displaying Images in Rev

Tim Ponn alptex2 at orwell.net
Thu Feb 24 13:58:53 EST 2011

Hello all!

I've got a file that has many jpg images embedded in it (something like 19,000 or so).  There's other data in there too.  I can isolate a particular record.  I can see the binary jpeg data.  I can copy that data, create a new jpg file...then open that file with a jpeg viewer and all is well.  Now comes rev...once again, I can isolate the image binary data...but when I set the image data to that data, the image is mostly black with a narrow sliver at the left edge that's shades of colors.  Is this a  problem because I don't have the rect set correctly for my blank image?

Best Regards,

Timothy R. Ponn

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