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On Feb 24, 2011, at 8:57 AM, Tim Selander wrote:

> I have hundreds, maybe thousands, of cassette tapes my company 
> wants to archive on hard disk. (OSX, Mac)
> I bought a 16 input USB audio interface and 8 cassette decks. 
> This way I can record 8 tapes at a time to disk. Tested and 
> working in a 'normal' sound app -- Cubase.
> But I have to baby-sit the machine in order to stop recording.
> I'd like to program LC to automate the process a bit -- stop 
> recording after 60 minutes, name resulting files, move to 
> appropriate folders, etc.
> I'm sure I've read on the list about people using LC/Rev to 
> record audio, but can find no reference to it in the manual.
> Can LC record audio under script control? Can it properly select 
> the Core Audio input to record from? Any pointers to 
> documentation or sample code snippets appreciated!


Audio recording via script is fairly straightforward. See my tutorial here for the basics:

Just scroll down to the section on Recording Audio Files.

This tutorial doesn't cover everything about recording in LiveCode, but if you type "record" into the filter field of the dictionary you'll see most of what you need.

The tricky-ish part will be automating the process, but 'send in time' should get you most of the way there.



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