Odd behaviour with Russian text

Lars Brehmer larsbrehmer at mac.com
Wed Feb 23 08:22:42 EST 2011

A very strange thing is happening with some Russian text fields and custom properties!

Rev version 2.8, MacOS10.6

I am putting Russian text stored as a custom property into a field. The textfont of the field is Arial,Russian, and until now this has functioned perfectly. I liked the way that support for Russsian eliminates the need to use uniEncode, uniDecode, unicodeText, etc.

But now when I put the text into a field containing more than 1 line, the text becomes that gibberish (loks kind of like oriental characters and wierd symbols), as if I was making a mistake with unicode text like I used to. But this only happens when a capital letter is present! If I eliminat the caps, it works, and it also works with a cap in a single field with just 1 line!

Anyone know what is causing this?

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