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Thanks for the kind words, I just wanted to stir things a little. This new
OAuth2 library will be available for Mac, Windows, RevServer and iOS. There
will be no linux version for now due to lack of RevBrowser on that platform.
OAuth 2.0 is easier to implement than OAuth 1.0, thats why I am moving along
with that one first.

Right now the library is too unstable. While the test on the video went ok,
that was the fourth time I tried to record the movie. I hope to fix the bugs
on the library shortly.

My plan is to make both OAuth 1.0 and OAuth 2.0 libraries free and create a
commercial  offering in the form of little libraries on top of OAuth
libraries such as Facebook libraries. Right now, even though I have a raw
OAuth implementation, it is not a pure facebook library. I think such little
libraries would be worth 25 USD or something.

Anyone will be able to download the OAuth stuff and use it to build their
own Facebook or Twitter stuff, but sometimes, having does things ready is
worth some bucks.

Code for that example is this:


   put empty into gA
   put OAuth2NewWebService("facebook") into gA
   OAuth2SetClientID gA, "blablabla"
   OAuth2SetApplicationSecret gA, "blablabla"
   OAuth2SetAPIKey gA, "blablabla"
   OAuth2SetRedirectURI gA, "
   OAuth2SetAccessTokenURL gA, "
   OAuth2SetAuthorizationCallback gA, "authorizeCallback"
   get OAuth2RequestAuthorization(gA,

Posting to wall:

   ask "What to post?"
   put the urlencode of it into tMsg
   put ("access_token=" & urlencode(gA["access_token"]) & "&message=" &
tMsg) into tData

   post tData to URL "https://graph.facebook.com/me/feed"


PS: OAuth 1.0 is ugly... HMAC-SHA1 encoding is wrong in here.

On Mon, Feb 21, 2011 at 5:52 AM, paolo mazza <mazzapaoloitaly at gmail.com>wrote:

> Thank you Andre.
> This is very interesting. Can you tell us more about this new OAuth2
> library for LiveCode? It looks like it works pretty well . Is it gonna
> be available soon?
> All the best
> Paolo Mazza
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