Efficient code for accessing the items (or lines) in a variable.

Dick Kriesel dick.kriesel at mail.com
Sun Feb 20 04:07:28 EST 2011

On 2/19/11 4:44 PM, "Alex Tweedly" <alex at tweedly.net> wrote:

>> put 1 into tCurrentItemCharOffset
>>   repeat with i = 1 to the number of items in tData
>>     ... item 1 of (char tCurrentItemCharOffset to -1 of tData) ...
>>     add the number of chars in item 1 of (char tCurrentItemCharOffset
>> to -1 of tData) + 1 to tCurrentItemCharOffset
>>   end repeat

Hi, Alex. Since technique 3 involves counting the items and then for each
item twice extracting a substring, perhaps a technique 4 is worth comparing:

put 1 into tOffset
repeat forever -- no counting the items
  put item 1 of (char tOffset to -1 of tData) into tItem -- single
extraction per item
  if tItem is empty then
     exit repeat
  end if
  add (the number of chars in tItem) + 1 to tOffset
  -- do something useful with tItem
end repeat

Is it any faster on your data?

-- Dick

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