Saving datagrids afterword.

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Sat Feb 19 20:41:39 EST 2011

On 2/19/11 6:29 PM, dunbarx at wrote:
> ...."Locate your LiveCode app, right click on it and ask for "Show
> package contents". Since the LC version, all the folders are now
> nested in the package."...
> Now it is one thing to have to dig a bit to find ones way through
> intermediate tasks. After all, we have no Danny Goodman, nor any
> Winkler, Kamins and Devoto.
> But I am embarrassed both for myself and for the LC team that I did
> not know that, and that such an important piece of information was
> not plastered all over, well, something, at least, that would tell
> me.

When RR changed the file structure and put all its working files into 
the app bundle, they also added a menu item to the Help menu: Example 
Stacks and Resources.

That's a shortcut for opening the bundle and seeing the contents, so you 
don't have to do it manually in the Finder. Windows and Linux 
distributions haven't changed, the files are still in the program folder.

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