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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Feb 19 12:58:33 EST 2011

Colin Holgate wrote:

 > As best I can tell, and it seems to work, you would go into the
 > application settings, Stacks area, and check the box that says
 > "Move substacks into individual stackfiles". Having done that,
 > you can then do a save of any substack.
 > In my quick test of that, I have a main stack of Untitled 1, and
 > a substack of Untitled 2, and on the Untitled 1 stack I have a
 > button with this script in it:
 > on mouseUp
 >    save stack "Untitled 2"
 > end mouseUp
 > Clicking that does indeed make the substack save its contents, they
 > are there next time I launch the app.

Ah, just a nomenclature issue:

If "Untitled 2" were a substack of the mainstack which is the 
executable, it would not be possible to save changes.

Instead, "Untitled 2" is a separate stack file, probably not a substack 
at all but instead its own mainstack.

This may seem like a curmudgeonly distinction, but we see this often 
enough that it's a source of confusion:

There are stack files, which always have one mainstack and may have zero 
or more substacks.

One of those stack files becomes your standalone.  All non-standalone 
stack files are savable (provided of course that they reside in a folder 
with write permissions, but that's another story).

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