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Hi Colin,

> On Feb 19, 2011, at 12:32 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> That said, it's still easier to work with this in LiveCode than it is in nearly any other RAD tool - Sarah Reichelt has you covered here:
>> <>
> I was about to point to that too, but I tried out some things first. For our simple cases that article may be a bit overwhelming.
> As best I can tell, and it seems to work, you would go into the application settings, Stacks area, and check the box that says "Move substacks into individual stackfiles". Having done that, you can then do a save of any substack.
> In my quick test of that, I have a main stack of Untitled 1, and a substack of Untitled 2, and on the Untitled 1 stack I have a button with this script in it:
> on mouseUp
>   save stack "Untitled 2"
> end mouseUp
> Clicking that does indeed make the substack save its contents, they are there next time I launch the app.

please keep in mind that only users with admin rights are allowed write (save stacks)
in the "Application" folder (or where apps get installed by default)!

This applies to all modern multi user OSes like OS X and Win > 2000/XP (and *NIX?).



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